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On Monday 1st July 2024, TIBCO Software announced to all its customers that TIBCO Nimbus was among a group of "product technologies [that] will no longer be available for renewal or new subscription starting on September 2, 2024".

TIBCO Software further stated that "additional information about the end of support timelines for [TIBCO Nimbus] will be provided per our standard product retirement process". This means that an announcement of product retirement is imminent. The date of retirement will be 12 months from the date of announcement.
TIBCO Software have subsequently stated that subscription contracts in place as of September 2, 2024 will confer the right to use the software for the full contracted term, however, TIBCO support (helpdesk and hotfixes) for the product will end on the product retirement date.
TIBCO's new "TIBCO Platform" offering does not include any equivalent or replacement for TIBCO Nimbus.

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We are here to help navigate your organisation's transition and relaunch your business process capability.

Roc supports its customers with process consulting and technologies worldwide.

  • We are the primary partner for TIBCO Nimbus technical services globally

  • We have experience and partnerships with multiple process platforms and process automation technologies

  • We have more experience migrating both to and from Nimbus as a process platform than anyone else

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Roc know how to deliver value through process as a communication tool, whether your focus is on understanding the enterprise, communicating intent for a project, or delivering improvement through process automation. We provide comprehensive support across various industries that includes setup, deployment and training to ensure processes align with the business objectives.

By understanding how TIBCO Nimbus has brought benefit to your business, we can recommend and deliver a project to transition you to an alternative solution that will include:

  • Implementation of the new platform

  • Design and testing of content migration

  • Migration services

  • Acceptance testing and handover

  • Platform roll-out support, onboarding and integration

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Last updated: 12 July 2024, 15:35 (BST)

What is the TIBCO "product retirement process"? Has Nimbus been retired as a product?

TIBCO usually give existing customers a minimum of 12 months' notice of any product retirement.

As of 12 July 2024, the TIBCO Software position is that a retirement notice for TIBCO Nimbus is imminent and that the notice period will be the minimum 12 months required at the point of issuance.

If the product is being retired, how long do I have to migrate off of it?

This will depend on how long your subscription has to run. TIBCO has stated that existing subscriptions will continue to confer the right to use the software even if they extend beyond the product retirement date although TIBCO themselves will not offer support beyond that point.

If you need more time to migrate, we recommend seeking an extension to your subscription before the cut-off date and will support you in this. Note that subscription renewals must be completed on or before September 1, 2024.

Does TIBCO have a Nimbus alternative that we can migrate to?

No. The new consolidated TIBCO Platform offering contains an "add-on for Business Process Management" but this is not a Nimbus equivalent and there is no migration path for content to the application which sits behind this add-on, TIBCO BPM Enterprise.

Do you have experience in migrating customers from Nimbus to other process platforms?

Yes, we have managed migration projects from Nimbus to other process platforms for large organisations.

If my Nimbus subscription runs past the product retirement date, what happens?

The subscription confers the right to use the software, so you will be able to carry on using the software until the end of your subscription period. The product retirement date marks the end of support for the product - after this date TIBCO will no longer offer a helpdesk, or issue hotfixes for security or software failures.

Can Roc offer TIBCO Nimbus support after the product retirement date?

We have provided support from 1st Line up to managed service levels for a number of customers over the years, so we have all the knowledge and experience necessary. To discuss extended support, get in touch with us.

I have a TIBCO Nimbus Cloud Service subscription. Is that also affected?

TIBCO Nimbus Cloud Service wasn't part of the end of sale announcement, but TIBCO has indicated that it will also be retired. Given that TIBCO itself operates the Cloud infrastructure, we anticipate that when they retire the product the service will cease to operate. Roc is exploring options with TIBCO for providing an extended service beyond the retirement date for customers who need more time. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this.