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Whether your team is global or has hybrid working practices, cloud-based solutions offer increased reliability, greater security and superior flexibility.

Modern working practices require organisations to embrace remote and hybrid working models which often include around the clock working, use of personal as well as corporate devices, and working on a variety of operating system platforms.

Using modern management techniques, cloud solutions offer flexible answers to this challenge but implementing or evolving to these new solutions can be daunting, even to an experienced IT team. How do you ensure full availability, a great user experience and robust security are all working in parallel?

At Roc Technologies, we differentiate ourselves by combining agility with robust project governance, an approach that has led us to routinely delivering against these requirements in the most demanding and complex situations.

  • We adopt a collaborative and flexible approach to define and expedite your cloud journey, whether it is a full migration or a hybrid approach.

  • We can take full ownership of your strategy and architecture or, if you have already established your roadmap, provide support for implementation and ongoing management.

We pride ourselves on delivering long-term business value through both cloud-based digital transformation solutions and ongoing managed services, ensuring that your business can keep evolving now and in the future.

Our Cloud Solutions

Seamless collaboration across devices
Manage and secure work applications and data across both corporate and personal devices, including secure access for guest users, contractors and field services to best fit your team's needs.
Easy scaling up, and down
As your organisation grows or consolidates, we can create cloud solutions that can grow or reduce to fit your operations.
Secure access and permissions
Ensure that your network of teams, partners, suppliers and guests have the right level of access and permissions, capitalising on the in built and up to date security features of cloud technologies.
Maximum security and guaranteed compliance
Instead of investing in costly on-site solutions, use cloud technologies that comply with your security requirements and industry regulations.
Virtual IT Management
Optimise the deployment of your IT team by removing the need for onsite personnel to maintain and fix your IT systems. Save time and money with virtual, on-demand support services.

Remove the barriers to truly flexible working.

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