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Could “Automated” Digital Workers Save the NHS, and Police, and Local Government?

By Chief Digital Officer, Chris Gabriel

As the debate on whether automation will deplete, displace or create jobs rages on, I thought it worth continuing our blog series on automation by looking at a sector where the demand for front line workers is already outstripping supply; the UK Public Sector. In every part of government, from central to local, health to social care, work and pensions to HMRC, the volume of demand to deliver more services, better joined up services, and more intelligent personal services and to do so in a spending envelope which under any future hue of party politics will always be constrained, is a topic not only debated in the corridors of power, but also on the front pages of the press and radio talk shows across the country.

When the current government announced the recent £20billion a year increase in NHS spending, the response from many think tanks and policy makers was; is that all?

Mapping the Journey to Optimised Higher Education

By Chief Digital Officer, Chris Gabriel

Process Empowered Universities Earn Top Marks in Joined-Up Optimisation

Universities play a vital role in our society; that of imparting knowledge and learning to each new generation of the students who will go on to run our world. According to Universities UK, in 2016-17 the UK’s 162 higher education institutions provided places of learning for 2.32 million students.  By comparison, that’s roughly the population of Greater Manchester; with every man, woman and child, engaged in higher education.

So, it is no wonder the sector generated £34billion in revenues in 2016-17, with institutions investing those hard won funds in all aspects of the teaching process; including employing 206,000 academic staff to provide direct teaching and engage in world-class research.

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