Workforce Transformation


In the fast-paced world of IT, it has not only been the technology that has been changing at a rapid pace. The way we work has also been going through its own evolution. The traditional approach to working 9 to 5 in an office environment is fast becoming a thing of the past because we now live in a world where business is conducted 24 hours a day, across the globe and the old rules no longer apply.

Work is no longer a place you attend but a role you undertake and the modern-day workforce wants to be able to do this from any place, at any time with no differences in experience and performance to those they have in an office environment. Whilst this is a tectonic shift for some organisations, it does bring about a number of benefits.

Business Continuity

Employees can continue to work from wherever and on any device

Cost Control 

With remote and flexible working, companies are evaluating their real estate and making savings on unnecessary offices

Attracting Talent 

The new workforce of tomorrow wants a flexible approach to work and if you don’t offer this, someone else will

Employee Happiness 

A good work-life balance improves staff morale and has a positive impact on the culture of a business

Workforce Mobility

More and more roles now involve some level of mobility; whether that is moving around a large campus, flexibly working from home, visiting patients in their homes, working between offices, or being on the move constantly.  There is now no reason why the applications, communications tools, and data people need to do their jobs cannot be securely mobilised with them.

Secure Mobile Workforce solutions are now being used in some of the most demanding environments, and Roc has designed, built and delivered, and manage solutions across a range of industries; from Defence to Probation Services, Finance to Roadside Assistance.

Workforce Productivity  

Organisations have been delivering desktop productivity tools to their users for decades, but in the last few years the model of delivery has flipped from personal productivity focussing on PowerPoint, spreadsheets and word processing, to team working, collaboration, video conferencing, knowledge sharing, and smart working.
The cloud has created a radical shift in which tools are available, their cost, and their accessibility - making it simpler and more cost effective to open up productivity tools to all of the employees who would benefit from them.  Roc brings the design, implementation, integration and managed service skills in a range of productivity tools from Microsoft Office365 and Skype for Business, to Sharepoint and Teams.  We can help your organisation be more productivity however secure your environment or challenging your workforce operating model.

Unified Communications Services

Unified Communications (UC) shifts the traditional phone on the desk from a 100 year old model to one that leverages the digital platforms and services of Internet based communications.  Establishing a Unified Communications strategy is now a critical foundation in defining the workforce and workplace operating model whatever industry you are in.

UC transforms a legacy telephone system into a flexible, mobile, personalised, and cost effective digital environment, supporting mobile working, collaboration, and communications that are more intelligent and intuitive.  And in Contact Centre environments UC becomes a powerful platform to accelerate performance, bringing more features and functions that enable more effective and efficient working and improved services to the customer calling in and the operator handling their call.   Roc can help you start your UC strategy review and work with you all the way through design, implementation and on-going managed services to make UC a powerful performance accelerator.