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Born survivor:
A muddy experience

Recently, 16 of Roc’s colleagues took on the ‘Born Survivor Challenge’ in aid of the charity ‘Everyone Can’.
Our 16 colleagues made their way to Manchester to complete this challenge on what was a cold & breezy day. Luckily the sun made an appearance as the team took their team photos before those dark blue shirts turned into dark brown shirts…

The team’s choice of charity was ‘Everyone Can’ for this challenge. ‘Everyone Can’ is a Manchester based charity that supports disabled people to overcome barriers and achieve their potential through Electronic Assistive Technology. As an IT company, we are passionate about the positive impacts technology can have on society, so it was a simple decision for our team to support the amazing work ‘Everyone Can’ does for their local community.

All 16 of our colleagues who braved this challenge did a great job and completed it with flying colours!

To date, our colleagues have raised over £2000 for ‘Everyone Can’. The money that has been raised by our team will go towards kitting out their quiet space, which will help those with auditory issues and those who struggle with noise and overstimulation. Overall this will mean more people will be able to use the great services that ‘Everyone Can’ offer to the community.

Well done to all those who took part, and we look forward to seeing the next challenge our colleagues undertake…

To read more about ‘Everyone Can’ and the amazing work they do, click here.

Latest news & updates