Legal Sector

A globalised, complex, connected, regulated, generationally changing, interdependent world is driving significant change in the legal sector. The UK Law Society believe 5 key dynamics are driving change in the sector:

  • Global and national economic business environments
  • How clients buy legal services (including in-house lawyer buyers, as well as small and medium-sized businesses and the public)
  • Technological and process innovation
  • New entrants and types of competition
  • Wider political agendas around funding, regulation and the principles of access to justice

Add to those a new generation of legal professionals who have grown up in the age of work-life balance, mobility, collaboration, and digital innovation, and the sector faces continual challenges to modernise what it does and how it does it.

And the courts, governments and legal professional are all intensely watching the advent of digital innovations.  In a report covering the impact of AI in the Legal Professional, the Law Society of England and Wales stated that, “There are rapid developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) which will have significant implications both for the legal profession and for a number of areas of the law itself.”

Everything from AI enabled document and contract analysis, legal chat bots interacting with clients, to AI augmenting legal judgements within courts are currently bringing the opportunity for new levels of access to legal services and at the same time challenging the very models that current legal system has been built around.


Roc has extensive experience in the legal sector, with clients in the magic circle, and the wider legal community.  From managing major programmes of change, driving organisation wide digital transformation, to operating IT systems through Roc Managed Services, our portfolio of programme, process, platform and managed services are helping the legal sector modernise every aspect of their client services and back office operations.