The scale, complexity, dynamism, security, logistical, infrastructure and operating challenges of today’s global airports make them a place where only operational perfection is allowed.

Airports are the size of many small towns, move more parcels and goods than the average postal service, provide services to hundreds of businesses from SMEs to some the world’s largest Airlines, directly employ thousands of people and provide a base to thousands more. Manage millions of things, many of them becoming intelligent and connected, have become some of the world’s largest retail spaces with millions of shoppers flowing through their terminals and spending tens of millions of pounds in their bars, restaurants and shopping venues, control the security and borders of countries, welcome millions of passengers and their luggage through their doors and gates every year, and whilst doing all of that they allow some of the largest machines to arrive and depart sometimes at a rate of one a minute.

At Roc we have helped some of the world’s largest airports master change and deliver the complex and large-scale programmes and modernisation of technology platforms that sit at the heart of their commercial operating strategies.

Mastering Airport Transformation

Our specialist Airport Programme and Project Management Teams have helped deliver major terminal moves, transformational technology roll-outs, and communications network upgrades that modernise Terminal and Airside experiences.  Our ATLAS Programme Delivery Framework has proven itself in the most demanding environments in UK and International Airports.

Roc has deployed our Project Office teams and become an integral part of the Airports change and transformation enabled team, working seamlessly with internal and third-party providers to deliver outstanding outcomes that are regularly recognised publicly by our customers.

Intelligent Campus Communications Networks

Roc specialist skills in secure campus communications networks demanded in secure and sensitive industries.  Wired and wireless environments not only need to support the scale of Airport terminals but must also have the security and assurance to provide 24x7 needs of an environment that never sleeps.

And in the world where millions of passengers become shoppers and consumers, Airport networks can now provide a wealth of information that can be used to build deep insights and actionable intelligence to improve passenger experience, deliver insights to airport operations, facilities and security professionals, and increase the revenue opportunities of retailers based at the Airport.

Cabling Solutions and Managed Services

Airports represent one of the major cabling challenges of any industry.  Large, multi-building, secure, busy, 24x7 campus estates, the modern Airport today relies on communications technologies.  Designing, delivering, and managing a connectivity service for a major hub airport or regional spoke airport needs highly trained and proven professionals.

Roc has an enviable history of working with global airports to deliver major cabling system upgrades, innovative solutions to what seem insurmountable challenges, and long term managed cabling services that ensure high-availability connectivity and effective and efficient patch management and change services.