Lockdown Survey Results (End of April)

Throughout April Roc Technologies have asked our customers to complete a short survey, to gather data on how much the Lockdown has impacted your ways of working.  The results make for some interesting reading.  Here are some headlines on what you told us:

How much have the COVID-19 Lockdown restrictions impacted your working practices?

We asked how significantly the Lockdown has impacted working practices.  The responses were evenly split with just under a third stating they were significantly impacted, just under a third moderately impacted and, perhaps the most interesting over a third stating they have only been slightly impacted or not impacted at all.  Worth emphasising that, based on these results, two third of respondents reported a large change in working practices.

How have the Lockdown restrictions impacted your ability to be effective?

We asked you if the Lockdown has impacted your effectiveness.  Interestingly over two thirds of respondents stated it has had no impact or has made only a slight impact to effectiveness.  Comparing this response to the one above, we note that many of you report a change in working practice but only a few respondents stated an impact to effectiveness.

Are there technical challenges that limit your ability to work under Lockdown restrictions?

We asked how your IT systems are standing up to the scale of remote working.  The survey team were surprised and pleased to see that technology was not an issue.  Over half of respondents stated they were no limitations and, with only one exception, everybody else stated that they were only slightly impacted.

Enforced change can be a driver for longer-term changes in working patterns.

We asked people if their organisation will retain some lockdown working practices once restrictions have been lifted?  Perhaps the most interesting response of all – 98% of respondents stated yes, they believed their organisation will adopt new working practices post-lockdown.

How challenging has it been to work in a non-office environment?

We asked how big are the challenges relating to working from home.  One third stated it was extremely or moderately challenging with the two thirds majority stating it was only slightly or not at all challenging.  This range of responses probably reflects more the actual working environment rather than people’s ability to work away from the office.

Are internal communications impacted by Lockdown restrictions?

We asked people if they communicate more or less with their teams and colleagues in Lockdown?  This was also a surprise for the survey team.  One third of respondents stated they communicated more since being in Lockdown.  Closely followed by the most common response, nearly half of respondents stating they communicate about the same as in the pre-lockdown state.

What’s changed?

We asked if you’ve needed to make changes to working practices, as a result of the Lockdown, to maintain effectiveness.  Over half of respondents stated they have needed to only make minor changes.  The next most common response being just under a third who stated they’ve needed to make some changes.

Are new routines now in place?

We asked if you feel you and your organisation are now in a new steady state Lockdown working model?  You were pretty unanimous in reply, saying yes, you and your organisation is now in a new working routine.

What do you miss most about work with the Lockdown restrictions?

We asked what you miss about work under Lockdown.  As expected, we received a broad range of answers – except no-one mentioned missing the commute to work!  Some interesting results that are best digested in the graph below.

Share your thoughts.

Finally, a free text question where we asked people to share any comments they had with lockdown.  The most common response was the challenges of working from home with young children present.  Three responses related to the limitations of technology in certain scenario’s – such as interviewing.  One comment in particular, that the survey team recognised, was that without travel time, even within an office building, back to back meetings can become quite intense and a day of meetings can be quite challenging.

Continuing to Gather Responses:

A big thank you on behalf of Roc Technologies to everyone who found time to complete the survey and we hope you find these results interesting and informative.  The survey remains open and we’re capturing responses throughout May to not just hear from more of our customers but to pick out changes in responses as the Lockdown continues.

The link to the Lockdown survey is here.