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Technology Transformation


Consumerisation, the rapid pace of change and the increasing complexity of digital business means that traditional approaches to systems design and infrastructure are no longer fit for purpose.

Business leaders and consumers of services are used to 24x7 instant access to information and tools at their fingertips. They expect corporate systems to follow suit with self service provisioning and choice.

Roc’s deep technical expertise and track record of delivering leading edge technology transformations will help you design, implement and run your agile platform for business success.

Our services include:

  • Managed & Cloud Services – A range of services to complement your in-house team and enable you to focus on your business.
  • Infrastructure Services – Fixed price delivery of network & communications, Client & Server and Data Centre projects.
  • Support & Maintenance – 24x7x365 multi-vendor onsite and remote support to keep the lights on.
  • Technical Resourcing – Consultants, Architects, Engineers, Testers and operational staff to resource your technical projects and operations.

For more information call us on 01635 581188 or e-mail us at technology@roctechnologies.com

EnterpriseAppsTech: Why every organisation needs to look to a wireless-first future

From EnterpriseAppsTech: "Wireless networking is in most organisations today. But in the majority of cases, it’s merely being used as an overlay network, helping to supplement existing wired infrastructure. Although the proliferation of consumer Wi-Fi has driven adoption, today corporate wireless networks have generally only managed to deliver connectivity to mobile devices and laptop users, with stationary equipment such as desktops remaining part of the wired network."

Don’t Be Last For Wireless First

Wireless networking has been delivered for many years as an ‘overlay’ network, supplementing traditional wired infrastructure.  The proliferation of consumer wifi has driven adoption, and most corporate wireless networks have delivered connectivity to mobile devices and laptop users only.

Roc invests in its partnership with Aruba to strengthen secure managed wireless network delivery

Roc is pleased to announce it is strengthening its ability to deliver secure managed wireless network solutions by investing in its partnership with Aruba Networks.

The future of Digital Signage

Digital Signage is already in use in a wide variety of applications and the core technology has been around for a while now but recent developments have seen some exciting new uses-cases emerging.

Internet of Things; the disruptive technology of the future?

I commonly hear about disruptive technologies and thought I would have a look into how they apply and add value to the enterprise?

Roc shares expertise with senior IT leaders to influence emerging SDN and NFV standards

Roc Technologies has hosted a roundtable discussion with senior IT leaders from multinational businesses to share its expertise in Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV).

Why DevOps and collaboration should be embraced in an automated world

It is increasingly common to find the word DevOps being bandied around in office corridors, but what does it actually mean for your typical System Administrator?

SDN: Not Just a Technology?

I have been watching the development of SDN with interest over recent months. SDN controllers have been released by some major SDN players recently, cementing its importance in the industry and as a technology with a future. Momentum is building, although most of the discussions have been around the technology itself, its capabilities and its application to the challenges within a business.

How software Defined Networking Networking Will Change The Face Of IT

The world of networking is undergoing a paradigm shift. Software defined networking and the new age of data centres are set to radically change the structure of IT departments across the land. It is vital that businesses understand the importance of this change, what it means and how it can benefit them.

Save Money And The Planet With Unified Communications

‘Going green’ is not just a fad or a clever marketing ploy. It makes social, environmental and business sense on every level. A good business is one that is always looking to increase efficiency and profitability, and unified communications is one way of achieving that (plus a whole host of other benefits!)

Technology Transformation Practice Overview

Roc’s Technology Transformation services help enterprises and public sector organisations create positive, tangible business outcomes from technology change.

Why You Need to Consider a New Approach to Networking

This white paper discusses the challenges that service providers and enterprises face in managing the increasing complexity and costs related to network infrastructure. The paper proposes that a new approach to designing and deploying networks based on harnessing Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) should be considered.