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Transformational Business and Technology Services

Business process, project delivery, and technology transformation

Roc helps senior business leaders understand change, challenge their assumptions and continuously improve.

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Business Process Transformation

Business processes underpin everything.

At best, they provide a simple framework for success by improving decision-making, economising input and maximising output.

At worst, they’re a mess of deeply-embedded and poorly documented behaviours that impede both individual employees and the wider organisational strategy.

Roc’s unique approach to Business Process Transformation provides an end-to-end solution. We improve existing inefficiencies and deliver a sustainable framework for agile and continuous process improvement. Customers see reduced management complexity, greater efficiencies, better visibility and more effective change management.

We offer a blend of Managed & Cloud Services, Process Management Solutions, Consultancy & Professional Services and Training & Adoption Programmes.

Project Delivery Transformation

For better or worse, projects and change programmes fundamentally disrupt the status quo.

Whether or not that disruption is positive depends on delivery.

Mismanagement of IT and process change projects is both rife and potentially lethal. On average, IT projects run 125% over budget, 25% over schedule, and deliver a benefits shortfall of 29%.

Worse still, 18% of all projects are Black Swans, running more than 200% over schedule and cost.i

Our Project Services were designed in collaboration with academics from a world-leading university. We combine new research findings with innovative mobile and cloud apps and our real world experience to get results.

We offer a blend of Planning and Advisory Engagements, Resourcing, and Managed Project Services to augment your team and scale your operations.

i Professor Bent Flyvbjerg, Centre for Major Programme Management, Said Business School

Technology Transformation

IT leaders today are being pulled in all directions.

They’re both overwhelmed with choice and constrained by budget. Technology infrastructure must be cost effective and fast. Resources must be flexible, scalable and resilient and services must support a mobile and always-on workforce.

More than anything, IT must support the current needs and future ambitions of the business.

Roc’s talented people have delivered some of the most complex and innovative technology transformations around.

Our services support more than 750 million consumers and $500bn of revenues per year.

From tactical migrations and upgrade projects to bespoke managed services, Roc’s comprehensive suite of Technology Transformation services support complex business requirements.

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From process mapping to data centre migrations, we help businesses large and small to transform.