Secure Enterprise Networking

Next generation secure networking platforms are reconnecting people, workplaces, and large campus environments to support the way the world works, communicates, shares, and thinks. The network has become the foundation for how organisations work, with Wired, Wireless, WAN and Mobile networks transforming the way people, spaces, places, and things work.

Networks are opening new ways of working and enabling people, applications and data to connect and flow securely.

Wireless First has become the norm – Universities, Airports, Remote Branches and HQs are all benefiting from the freedom of secure Wi-Fi

Software Defined WANs are lowering the cost, increasing the flexibility and transforming the operational model of traditional Wide Area Networks

SDDC Networks are turning the data centre from rigid and complex to change to policy driven and adaptable to business change

Roc specialises in helping organisations build and operate secure enterprise networking platforms that accelerate performance – whether they want to operate the network internally or have it delivered as a managed service or consumed from the cloud.

And with our expertise in Secure and Sensitive Industries, we have helped harness the power of the networking platform to transform the way organisations in some of the UK’s most secure environments connect and communicate.

Roc Future Campus

Roc is helping some of the UK’s leading Universities to re-imagine Education through next generation connectivity services.

Don't be last to be wireless first

 Why many organisations are choosing a wireless first approach – even in the most secure and sensitive industries.



Proud to be Partnered with HPE Aruba

Roc is a proud partner of HPE Aruba.  Working with HPE Aruba Roc has deployed some of the most advanced Wired and Wireless networks that have transformed our customers use of connectivity and mobility solutions.

We specialise in Complex Large Campus environments found in Universities, Airports, Manufacturing, and Defence establishments.