Roc Secure Cloud Services

Access to secure, agile and scalable cloud computing platforms is becoming the norm for most organisations.  Many are adopting a Cloud 1st Strategy and accelerating their use of cloud services for every aspect of their Digital and IT needs.

Organisations with legacy data centres, organisations wanting to deploy modern workforce productivity tools, organisations wanting storage at scale, organisations looking to develop new digital applications, are all looking to Cloud as a strategic and long-term shift to reduce cost, increase flexibility, improve business resilience, and create a new model for agile digital infrastructure. And for a growing number of organisations, cloud in all its forms has now for many become part of their overall business transformation strategy – not just a short term IT fix.

Roc has enabled some of the UK’s most secure government and private sector companies to define their cloud strategy and then adopt, consume and manage cloud services that meet their specific business, workload or security accreditation needs.

Roc is a proud provider of Secure G-Cloud Services to UK Government

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Roc Cloud Services

All of Roc’s cloud services are operated from our UK Managed Services Centre’s staffed by SC Cleared experts. Our teams will design, migrate and manage all aspects of your target cloud operating model, from the underlying cloud service infrastructure to application performance management.

Our Secure MSC operates to ISO27001 standards, and our attention to secure operations and best practice ITIL standards means our customers can be assured of a service that meets the most rigorous accreditation standards.  Our teams are already supporting UK Government, Defence, Ministry of Justice and Police Cloud Services.

Roc Cloud Managed Services include…

Secure Infrastructure as a Service

Secure Platforms as a Service

Sovereign Microsoft Azure

UKCloudX Secure Cloud

Microsoft Office 365

Skype for Business