Harnessing the Power of Digital Platforms Will Define Your Future Business Success

Harnessing the Power of Digital Platforms:

Success in the digital world is defined by an organisations ability to unlock the potential of new digital platforms.

As organisations and people becomes more mobile, social, connected and cloud orientated, the access businesses have to secure, agile, scalable and reliable technology platforms has become a critical measurement of their current and future success. And as IT and Digital platforms become more critical to everything an organisation does, ensuring those platforms are well available, measured, optimised and automated defines the quality and consistency of digital experience.

At Roc we de-risk the adoption and operations of digital platforms that enable our customers to confidently accelerate their futures.

Our solutions and managed services led approach to Enterprise Networking, Workforce Collaboration, Mobility and Cloud Services has made Roc a trusted partner for UK Public and Private Sector organisations. We help our customers evaluate, architect and adopt digital platforms that deliver on the current and future target technology and business operating models. 

And whether your target IT operating model is to own and operate your core digital IT platforms or have them delivered as a managed service or consumption-based cloud Roc can help.  Our Managed Services portfolio delivered from UK Managed Services centres let you concentrate on running your business while we help your IT team run the essential platforms that support your organisations digital future.

Our team of expert technology practitioners span a range of technologies and disciplines that augment and extend your capabilities and capacity to deliver major technology modernisation and transformation projects.

And with over 50% of our skilled and dedicated team Government SC cleared or higher, including our UK Managed Service Centre team, we specialise in bringing digital platform transformation and innovation to Secure and Sensitive industries.

Secure Network Solutions and Services

Next generation secure networking platforms are reconnecting people, workplaces, and large campus environments to support the way the world works, communicates, shares, and thinks.

With the network becoming the foundation for how organisations work, Wired, Wireless, WAN and Mobile networks transforming the way people, spaces, places, and things can interact, and opening new ways of working to allow people, applications and data to connect and flow securely. 

Roc specialises in helping organisations build and operate the secure networking platforms.  And with our expertise in Secure and Sensitive industries, we harness the power of the networking platform to transform the way organisations in some of the UK’s most secure environments connect and communicate.

Data Centre Solutions

The Data Centre has become the engine room of digital transformation.  New applications and a growing volume of data now need optimised data centre of data centre platforms that are tuned to accelerate performance.

Over the last few years we have seen the consolidation, virtualisation, convergence, and rapid increase in power from data centre platforms; from new levels of high performance computing to massive consolidation of compute and storage into hyper-converged systems.  And as the technology infrastructure has changed, the levels of automation available to CIOs and IT departments is creating a new generation of private cloud environments that bring unparalleled levels of speed, agility and simplicity.

Roc (through our Esteem Systems group company) specialises in helping organisations define, build and operate the business aligned data centre platforms that power business workloads from Oracle ERP, HPC clusters, Hyper-Converged stacks, to Storage Lakes.

Find out more about Roc and Esteems Data Centre solutions at www.esteem.co.uk

Workforce Solutions and Services

People are working smarter, more collaboratively, and with more data at their disposal than ever before.

Desktop and Collaboration platforms are making people and places better connected and productive, more able to communicate and collaborate information and ideas, and do so from a range of devices from their mobile to a next generation collaboration boards.

And all of these productivity tools and core business applications need to be available from anywhere and at anytime, the home becoming the new office, the patients home becoming the new care setting.

Roc specialises in helping organisations re-think the way they work, re-imagine how their business operates, and implement the tools and platforms that truly transform the productivity of people, spaces, and places. 

Secure Cloud Services

Public and private sector organisations have a growing appetite for accessing and consuming  the agility, scale and unique services offered by public and UK sovereign cloud platforms.

Whether for hosting core IT systems, developing new apps, storing big data, deploying machine learning or AI, or running major business workloads such as ERP, many organisations are adopting a Cloud 1st strategy and most now understand the benefits of a hybrid or multi-cloud approach for infrastructure and software services.  And whether cloud is about saving money or opening up a vast array of new services and innovation, every organisation must develop a cloud strategy, understanding the workloads most suited to cloud, and building a cloud operational model that can securely and seamlessly make cloud services a reality.

Roc specialise in helping customers on their journey to cloud and in ensuring they can connect, consume and manage the cloud platforms and services they need. Our expertise in working with Secure and Sensitive industries and our partnership with UKCloud and Microsoft means Roc Cloud Services are accredited to be used in some of the most restricted  government agencies.

Measure, Optimise, Automate – Managed Services

Managed Services accelerate the performance, productivity and skills capability of IT departments, helping the CIO deliver the IT needs of their business more effectively and efficiently, and extending the portfolio of services on offer to their organisation.

From Service Desk to Managed Networking, Managed Mobility to Managed Cloud Services, the power of partnering to deliver IT and digital platform services frees up resources and cash, and should, if you are working with the right managed service partner, always result in improved user experiences, higher levels of reliability, and improved operational efficiency.  A great Managed Service provider should always look to improve the service you handed over to them – looking to Measure, Optimise and Automate your environment and experience so your business accelerates its performance from partnership. 

Roc specialise in delivering a range of IT Operational and Platform Managed Services from UK SC Cleared Managed Service centres and on-site teams across UK public and private sector customers.

50% of Roc Team SC or DV Cleared

UK SC Cleared MSC and NOC

ISO 27001 Accredited