Roc P3 - Performance Accelerated

Programme, Process and Platform Transformation

Accelerating the performance of their organisation is the top priority of every leader. Every day and in every industry, they challenge themselves and their organisations to do better. Mastering the critical components of what makes an organisation successful is something every leader strives to achieve. And in a fast moving world, one that is more connected, more complex, and where every organisation is under pressure to keep pace with change, this has never been more important.

What performance factor is your leadership team focussed on?

Can we improve customer service ahead of their expectations?

Reduce costs more quickly to free up resources to invest elsewhere?

Deliver new products or services ahead of our competition?

Deliver better public services with demising budgets but greater demand?

Increase employee productivity and workplace satisfaction at the same time?

Re-shape our organisation in half the time we planned?

Be ahead of a market transition not behind it?

When you are in control of what makes your organisation deliver outstanding results, you are in a position to accelerate performance.

Accelerating Programme and Project

Master the delivery of business transformation and the incremental changes you make in your organisation that continually move you forward.

Accelerating Business Process

Master the processes that define what your organisation does today and being empowered to re-imagine everything you do and continually optimise and fine tune a single process or your entire business.

Accelerate Digital Platforms

Master the digital platforms and technologies that play a pivotal role in how every organisation works today, intelligently connecting people with the resources they need to always deliver at their best.

At Roc, we help organisations accelerate their performance by putting them in control of how their organisation masters programmes of change, re-imagines business process, and harness the power of digital platforms through our P3 Framework. Roc P3 has been successfully deployed in organisations from the securest government facilities, life sciences innovators, fast moving retailers, critical public service providers, world-leading higher education intuitions, major manufacturers, global financial firms, and world’s busiest airports to accelerate performance and deliver outstanding results.

Accelerating Performance Through Mastering Programme Delivery

Roc ATLAS is an industry recognised methodology for delivering complex and business impacting change programmes in some of the world’s most demanding environments.  From people culture to project delivery, ATLAS assures customers facing change that they can progress with confidence.

Accelerating Performance Through MasteringProcess Transformation

The results of Roc Process Empowerment enable employees to work at optimal effectiveness, reduced risks of non-compliance to industry regulation, consistently improve customer experiences, reduce the cost and complexity in business operations, accelerate and simplify change, and use cost-based process analysis as a catalyst for identifying where next generation automation can dramatically reduce cost, increase business scale, and deliver significant competitive business advantage.

Accelerating Performance Through Platform Transformation

Digital Platforms have become the foundation of how commercial and public sector organisations are building new business and service delivery models, supporting new ways of working for employees,  mobilising people application and information, scaling applications and data into the cloud, consuming and operating core IT systems and applications, and embarking on digitisation projects need the latest in DevOps, data analytics, machine learning, AI or IoT.

Roc P3  is a single integrated operating framework that focusses on continually improving our customers performance.

Accelerated performance means never standing still, and only through Measuring, Optimising and Automating what an organisation does can leadership truly claim to be in control of their businesses success.  The wealth of data available from every system within an organisation, from telemetry laden trucks on the road to analysis of cost based tasks within your process platform, the ability to never accept the steady state, and use intelligence to make more informed, more intelligent and real-time decisions must also lie at the heart of ever leaders performance acceleration strategy.

Roc’s investments in Analytics, Automation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence through the Roc AI Lab enables our customers to continually explore new ways of enhancing their ability to identify and accelerate performance.  With a remit to help our customers identify opportunities to improve by combining data, next generation data science and tools and our data science and subject matter experts, our goal is to never leave our customers wondering ‘what if’ but always ‘what could’ we do to improve and accelerate results.

Accelerating Performance means embracing the challenges of change, and at Roc we challenge ourselves so our customers can make lasting and powerful transformations.