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Roc AI Lab – Accelerating Performance with Intelligence

According to the UK House of Lords Committee on Artificial Intelligence in their May 2018 report on the state of the UK economy to take advantage of the AI revolution, “The UK is in a strong position to be a world leader in the development of artificial intelligence (AI). This position, coupled with the wider adoption of AI, could deliver a major boost to the economy for years to come.”

Businesses and Government can now ask the questions that could unravel some of their most complex challenges and unlock their biggest future opportunities. Bringing together data with data scientists and equipping them with a new generation of tools, organisations can open up possibilities that just a few years ago would have been outside of the grasp of only the very largest company or governments.

This democratisation of algorithms, machine learning and AI toll is transforming every industry and government agency, and no matter how small or large your organisation, or how thorny the question you want answering, you are now in the driving seat.

Roc AI Lab is helping organisations use automation, machine learning and AI thinking and skills to accelerate their performance by improving something small or transforming their entire business.  Our specialists try to get under the surface of problems our customers may have been struggling to solve using traditional tools or approach.  Our Data Scientists come with a track record in re-thinking problems; and an approach that empowers you to move quickly, fail fast, and leave you with something that can be transferred from the lab to a long-term business solution.

The Roc AI Lab can help you re-think and re-imagine problems you have already consigned to the ‘too hard’ drawer

Solving Price Leakage

Building New Customer Experiences With Data

Automating Business Processes

Analysing Purchasing Decisions

Modelling New Business Models

Defining New Risk Models

So why not challenge us to bring a new approach to solving problems and challenge the Roc AI Lab.

  • 30 Minute Skype Workshop
  • Facilitated by The Roc Data Science Team
  • Help you define the question – understand the data you have – validate what success looks like
  • Validate an approach and provide insights and guidance

No obligation and we are happy to sign an NDA before the call to ensure you can engage in a confidential discussion with our team.