Roc ATLAS – The Indispensable Programme Approach

Roc ATLAS is the definitive guide to best practice project management processes. With comprehensive project templates, straightforward how-to guides, detailed communication guidelines with control and frameworks for excellence, ATLAS is a consistent and proven methodology to ensure project management success in delivering business benefits.

ATLAS was developed based on our extensive experience from over 300 projects. All Roc practitioners adopt ATLAS for a single consistent approach to Project, Programme, PMO and Portfolio management. Which is why you can rely on Roc to deliver your project.

Roc ATLAS sections follow a consistent structure:

  • Purpose
  • Definitions
  • Process Overview
  • Process Description
  • Process Flowchart
  • Templates

This approach makes Roc ATLAS indispensable to any project and means everyone knows how far it is to the finish line – and how to get there.

ATLAS Keys to Success:

  1. Experienced Project Manager
  2. Careful Resource Matching
  3. Strong Project Initiation
  4. Robust Requirements Gathering
  5. Clear Objective and Success Measures
  6. Expertly Estimating the Time and Budget Needed
  7. Timely and Effective Communication with Stakeholders and Project Team
  8. Proactively Managing the Project Scope
  9. Delegation and Listening to the Input (from the Project Team)
  10. Not Micro-managing the Project Team
  11. Following the CCM ATLAS Project Management Best Practice Guide
  12. Drawing on the CCM Industry Knowledge Hub

“With Roc ATLAS the Project Team all knew exactly what needed to be done, the order in which it would be done and the key milestones along the way.”