75% Faster Process Discovery and Mapping with the Roc Process Empowerment Framework

Understanding the processes that power your business is vital in understanding how well your business operates today, and a critical starting point in transforming your business for the future.  Any change in an organisation starts with process, whether that is adopting a new business model, the implementation of a major new business system, changing the way your employees do their jobs, or transforming the customer journey through your stores.

Amazing processes are the glue that ties what you do and how you do it together into a consistent and quality driven operating model.

If your organisation is changing and you haven’t discovered and mapped your starting point, the future is simply a new point in time.

Discovering and Mapping business processes doesn’t have to be costly, time consuming and an exercise in creating more paperwork nobody bothers to read.  And if you think process empowerment comes from creating a new Viseo diagram then think again.

  • What if you could discover and map all of your business processes 75% faster than traditional methods?
  • What if you could create a living process engine for your business – not just more paperwork?
  • What if everybody in your organisation could access the processes they need to do their jobs effectively and efficiently?
  • What if you could assign governance and ownership to processes ensuring there are no gaps or risks in how your business operates?
  • What if you could cost-assign tasks within processes so you could easily model business transformation initiatives?
  • What if you could dramatically reduce the cost and time of implementing major systems such as CRM or ERP systems?
  • What if you could turn process into the most powerful asset your business has?

Roc process experts have worked with hundreds of customers, conducted thousands of workshops, discovered, mapped and accelerated tens of thousands of processes, all with the goal of accelerating the performance of organisations from UK Ministry of Justice to global pharmaceutical companies.

Irrespective of where your organisation rates itself in Process Maturity, Roc can quickly help you assess where you are and where you aspire to be, what are the key areas of your organisation that need improvement, and quickly create a team that can engage and accelerate your process performance.

Using the world’s leading process platforms, hosted in the cloud or dedicated to your organisation, our experts get straight to the task.  You will be discovering and mapping process in real-time into an organisation wide process engine that will then power your long-term process empowerment strategy.

Create a Team, Host a Workshop, Start Discovering and Mapping

Simple Common Language

A rich, rigorous, clear, and simple graphical notation ideal for Process Authors, Analysts and Business users.

Process Management

Rapid process mapping, Activity Based Costing, Business Controls and Compliance Framework, Reporting, Approval Workflow, Data Tables, Document Management

How-to Guide

An Enterprise How-to Guide provides each user personalised step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish different tasks; a collection of storyboards in a personalised dashboard contain graphical landing and navigation pages to make finding the right process easy.

Built-in Collaboration

Powerful social and collaboration features bridge gaps between teams and trace communications including stakeholder collaborations, individual and group assignments, and process change requests and sign-offs.

Process Adoption

  • Processes accessible through intuitive online portal
  • Customisable for organisation or department
  • Desktop, tablet, laptop or mobile access
  • Role based access making process relevant to job or task at hand
  • Easy to access with online FAQ and feedback
  • Full reporting and analytics of adoption