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Process Automation is fast becoming a powerful weapon in driving operational efficiency and delivering new scalable services without the need for incremental, expensive, hard to find human skills.

According to InterQuest Group, organisation will spend over $8billion of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) initiatives by 2024. And automation is being adopted across organisations and industries; automating the interaction of consumers with contact centres, removing costs in repetitive back office processing tasks, acting as digital assistants to human workers taking away activities that are expensive for a human worker to complete.

Robotic Process automation mimics the interactions human beings have with traditional software applications; filling out forms, updating databases, making queries, and all done 24x7 with no interruptions, breaks, or days off on holiday.

Of course, if it was that simple then human beings would no longer be needed in the workplace, so this emerging technology needs intelligent assessment and application to ensure it delivers the returns on efficiency that justify its deployment.

House of Commons Report on AI 2018

AI will have significant implications for the ways in which society lives and works. AI may accelerate the digital disruption in the jobs market. Many jobs will be enhanced by AI, many will disappear and many new, as yet unknown jobs, will be created.

Download the full report here:

Roc Process Empowerment Framework Puts You In Control of Automation

The benefits of automation are becoming too compelling for many organisations to ignore, but, however appealing the benefits, accelerating your business without a partner who deeply understands process could bring more risk than benefit, and create an environment out of your control.

The Roc Process Empowerment Framework puts you in control of business automation.  Automation is the next step in building a process empowered organisation that uses its processes end-to-end and top to bottom as a business differentiator

Our experienced team of process consultants have engaged in thousands of workshops, mapped tens of thousands of processes, and have helped customers adopt best practice process acceleration.

Automation isn’t just about Robots

Robotic process automation has become the hot topic of the day, but automation opportunities can be found without leaping into the world of RPA.  Roc has been helping organisations automate many of their tasks through intelligent application of solutions that reduce the number of forms people have to engage with, re-coding application interfaces with low-code and no-code tools, or simply re-imagining a process by mobilising a workflow or task. The potential of automation to reduce cost, wasted workforce hours, underused technology platforms, or simple repetitive tasks will continue to grow as the intelligence of systems can be applied to more activities across an organisation.  Starting with a partner who understands process empowerment means your automation efforts and investments will be directed to best business advantage.

Process Discover, Map and Improve

Create an end-to-end process framework with associated tasks

Process Analysis

Assess Processes for Automation Candidates through Cost Based Analysis

Automation Planning

Build Business Model and ROI and Automation Adoption and Success Plan

Process Automation and Optimisation

Implement Process Automation and On-Going Optimisation Programme