Enterprise Process Platform

The Roc Process Empowerment Platform a cloud or dedicated real-time engine that becomes your living process repository, capturing and serving process knowledge to your entire organisation, bringing process to life for your people, and becoming the process platform to drive future investments in robotic process automation and artificial intelligence.

Everything we discover is mapped into the process platform, accelerating the speed of capture, improving the accuracy of process detail, enabling continued life cycle management and ownership of all processes, providing audit and compliance reporting of user access, and connecting processes across an organisation into a single version of truth that creates significant and sustainable value.


  • Cloud Delivered or Managed Dedicated Platform
  • Single Point of Capture, Mapping, Adoption and Process Life Cycle Management
  • Intuitive Visual Interface – Creating Living Process Maps (not static charts or diagrams)
  • Dynamic Re-Mapping and Visualisations
  • Cost Based Process Definition for Financial Modelling and What If Transformation
  • Secure Single Source of Process for All Employees
  • Seamless Integration with Internal Portals
  • Process Access Integration with Major Systems (SAP, Oracle etc.)
  • Audited Version Control


Capture all of your organisations workflows in a single place – analyse and re-model with ease – what if scenarios come to life


A single and consistent process data set down to task and cost, enabling clear accountable and costed processes, and accelerate automation through real-time modelling and analysis


Embed process and policy within existing business applications such as ERP, CRM and Sharepoint – make process a seamless part of everything you do

Consume from the Cloud or Roc Process Platform Managed Services

The Roc Process Empowerment Platform can be hosted in the cloud or a dedicated platform can be built on your existing IT platforms or hosted and managed by Roc UK Managed Services team.  Powered by Tibco Nimbus you can consume as much or as little as you need, and with a pricing model that means every single employee can be process empowered, the opportunity to bring all of your business processes into a single place and accelerate your organisations performance has never been easier.