Accelerate Your Process – Accelerate Your Business

Roc’s 22 Process Accelerators offer rapid adoption of business processes in Finance, HR, Quality, Supply Chain and Health and Safety to IT operating processes including ITSM.

Process Accelerators can augment, compliment or replace existing poor processes, removing cost, complexity and confusion for organisation wanting to go from poor to empowered in less than 50% of the time of re-working their existing process environment or 90% acceleration where no process exists.

In use in public and private sector organisations around the world, the Roc Process Accelerators are updated using learnt feedback from contributing organisations creating a community of best practice that all Roc customers can tap into and benefit from:


  • 22 good practice business process accelerators
  • Augment, compliment or replace existing or non-existing processes
  • Based on learnt and continually updated industry best practice
  • 50% time-improvement on re-working poor existing processes
  • 90% time-improvement on creating non-existing processes
  • Ideal for implementation into new systems deployment (SAP, Oracle ERP deployments)

Roc Process Accelerators come out of the box with years of development and improvements, accelerating you from process poor to process empowered.

And with a Roc Process Empowerment Managed Services you can be continually updated and performance accelerated with automatic updates and access to our Roc Process Consultants team who can advise on how your new process accelerators can enhance your businesses performance.

Roc Process Accelerators

  • Target Operating Model (APQC)
  • Procure to pay
  • Order to cash
  • Supply Chain
  • Record to report / Finance
  • Hire to retire / HR
  • Project Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Service Management / ITIL