The Process of Transformation - Transformation of Process




Roc Process Empowerment Framework helps organisations build a consistent and connected process operating model 75% faster than traditional process engagements.


Turn Process Empowerment Into A Business Differentiator

Roc’s team of expert process consultants and our unique process empowerment methodologies and platforms are helping some of the world’s leading businesses, emerging digital economy start-ups, and the UK’s most secure public services to put process empowerment at the centre of their business strategy.

Processes describe everything about an organisation.  What it does today. What it could do tomorrow.

Process defines how you pay an invoice, manage customer accounts, develop new drugs, on-board new employees, ensure health and safety on production lines, pay expense claims, insure risks, produce end of month accounts, ask security questions in a call centre, process insurance claims, repair cars at the side of the road, or maintain airplanes in hangers.  Everything you do is described and defined by the processes that span your organisation.

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Are you process poor or process empowered?

Every organisation, in every sector, of all sizes, use processes to run their business. In times of minimal business change having processes in a manual nobody opens, processes that are out of date, processes that overlap, processes that confuse the individuals using them, or simply having processes nobody can agree on is an impediment to running an effective and efficient organisation.

Today, we are living in times of change never seen before;

  • the operating models of public and private sector are changing faster than at any time in human history
  • digital transformation is creating once unimaginable new products and services
  • consumer behaviour and experience expectation are exceeding even the most customer centric organisation
  • service industries are being impacted by new automation technologies
  • skills shortages are impacting the scale and capacity of every industry
  • regulation is changing to keep up with a more globalised world

Becoming a process empowered organisation has never been so important. Process empowered organisations will be the ones that dominate the future. Process empowered organisations are masters of change.

So, how well do your processes empower your business?

Process Empowered


Easily develop new digital business models

Transform quickly as digital innovation emerges

Develop new products or services quickly and consistently

Improve customer or citizen satisfaction levels

Removing organisation complexity

Empower employees with the right information to do their jobs

Accelerate systems modernisation

Maintain compliance with industry and government regulation

Adopt automation to reduce business costs


Process Poor


Poorly defined processes for current business operating model

Badly documented processes that are difficult to access or understand

Processes that are not available to employees or suppliers

Multiple processes defining the same activity in different ways

Processes that cannot be measured or improved

Processes with no ownership or governance

Processes that risk non-compliance with industry regulation

Processes that cannot be automated without major risk

Processes that inhibit your businesses growth rather than accelerate it


The Benefits of Process Empowerment

The results of Roc Process Empowerment enable organisations to work at optimal effectiveness, reduced risks of non-compliance to industry regulation, consistently improve customer experiences, reduce the cost and complexity in business operations, accelerate and simplify change, and use cost-based process analysis as a catalyst for identifying where next generation automation can dramatically reduce cost, increase business scale, and deliver significant competitive business advantage.

Roc’s unique process workshop methodology, our enterprise wide process platform, and our twenty two business process accelerators and business procession automation best practice, means we can shift your business into a world where process drives growth, efficiency, scale, speed, and customer experience.

Through delivering hundreds of process workshops, thousands of processes mapped, and tens of thousands of tasks improved, accelerated or automated, Roc helps our customers build a consistent and connected process operating model 75% faster than traditional process engagements.

And with many standard business processes already accelerated with Roc Process Accelerators and with Roc Process Automation harnessing the latest in robotic process automation, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence there is no reason why your organisation cannot be process empowered.