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Can You Quickly Adapt And Re-Deploy Your Processes To Support Business Transformation

The traditional approach to process transformation (sticky notes and Visio!) is slow, difficult and stifles your ability continuously improve.

Having a single clear view and control over your processes is becoming more important than ever due to the accelerating pace of change of modern business.

Our clients come to Roc to achieve 4 key outcomes:

Roc is uniquely positioned to help leaders transform their businesses through our ‘RocSolid Blueprint for a Process Enabled Enterprise’ a 7 step framework of operational excellence. Our services include:

  • Managed & Cloud Services – Cloud platforms for process management and services to manage the full lifecycle of process transformation.
  • Process Management Solutions – Platforms, Tools and Accelerators to map, manage, govern and automate business processes.
  • Business & Technology Services – Skilled professionals to facilitate, support or lead your business process initiatives and to implement Platforms and Tools.
  • Training & Adoption – Classroom, onsite and online training and services to ensure adoption of your process management platform.

For more information call us on 01635 581188 or e-mail us at process@roctechnologies.com

A new Digital Worker powered by Robotic Process Automation (RPA) starts work Monday - who hired them, HR or IT?

New Employee Preparation – Are we ready for our new digital colleagues? Have we prepared the environment and made sure all the processes and tools they need to be successful are in place?  Are the work processes they are expected to deliver so poor that they will be fighting from day one to be successful?  Have we spent time ensuring their role in the business is well defined and that other resources, processes, people and systems are aligned to give my new digital employee the greatest chances of success?  Good preparation for digital workers by improving existing processes, laying the groundwork on systems, and ensuring their role is integrated into the rest of the business is as vital to their success as any human employee.

Digital Transformation and Business Growth Puts Brakes on Brexit in Roc ‘Accelerating the Future’ Priorities Survey

Business Process Acceleration and Robotic Process Automation Combine with Workforce Productivity and Cloud Services as Digital Transformation Programmes Top 2018 Priorities List

GDPR; process or technology? Why every dogma has its day!

By Chris Gabriel, CDO, Roc Technologies

GDPR... Bla Bla Bla...

Over the last few months I have met with countless companies discussing the impact of GDPR on their organisation. It has been astounding to see the amount of consulting companies, technology vendors and solution provider who are using scare tactics as a way to position their services. Let's be absolutely clear - the world isn't coming to an end on May 26th, 2018! However, ignorance is no longer bliss! All I hear is GDPR…bla..bla..bla with very little substance or real understanding of the operational challenges that will be impacted by the privacy change.

Putting Business Process at the heart of the 4th Industrial Revolution

We are experiencing the most explosive interest in process management ever seen over the last two decades that has been fuelled by the significant demand for business transformation to enable sustained internal operating change. The business process industry is awash with vendors proclaiming that the next generation of automation, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or easy to model low-code applications are the nirvana solutions to meet the new demands of the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’. This coupled with the analyst community driving their technology agenda versus business outcomes is creating even more confusion. Adding more fuel to the fire are the traditional consulting and system integration firms who are planning to make hay from this market confusion and lack of knowledge.

Value Based Process Transformation

Value Based Process Transformation is a single management approach which puts the entire process user base (those that have the ‘need’ versus those that ‘want’) at the centre of a company’s process transformation philosophy. Consequently the maximisation of value directs and provides consistency to an organisation’s strategy, approach, structure and processes, as well as surfacing what measures are used to monitor performance.

The “real” Reasons Why Process Workshops Fail

Business processes change and evolve continuously. In order to capture these changes rapidly, the collaborative process workshop is used. During these workshops participants brainstorm ideas, make decisions and agree next steps. But why is it that time and time again, these workshops fail?

Roc sponsors Global Process Owner Summit 2016 and hosts thought leadership workshop

On Friday 23rd September, Roc Director Nigel Kilpatrick hosted a roundtable exercise on The GPO and its impact on customer experience at the Global Process Owner (GPO) Summit 2016 in London.

Don't stand for the same old rhetoric in 2016

Be free from the process chaos & financial waste caused by the traditional SI's and dinosaur vendors!

Process mapping for automation, it's all about context

Most of you will be familiar with this graphic, highlighting how misunderstood requirements can result in a solution, which at best isn't ideal, and at worst is unusable.

Roc confirmed as Gold Sponsor for TIBCO Now event

Roc is pleased to announce that it has been confirmed as Gold Sponsor for the TIBCO Now Tour (London event) on 15th October 2015.

Castrum and Roc Technologies Provide Process Excellence

Roc is an IT services provider that helps leaders stay ahead of the curve and focus on their business. They achieve this by improving processes and project delivery, and by transforming and supporting IT infrastructure. Roc work with large enterprise customers and the public sector.

Award-winning Roc’s rapid expansion drives move to prestigious Newbury HQ

Rapid growth and the desire for more comprehensive customer facilities has led Roc Technologies to move into larger, prestigious offices in Newbury, Berkshire.

Local MP Richard Benyon backs regional economic benefits of Roc’s rapid growth

Local MP and former government minister Richard Benyon has visited Roc Technologies to back the regional economic boost being created by its speedy growth.

Roc Crowned Overall Winner in Prestigious Awards Ceremony

Roc Technologies was announced as the winner of the Bayer 2014 Business of the Year award at the WBB Awards on Friday night (17th October).

White Paper - Creating an Intelligent Operations Manual for GDPR

Today we live in a hyper compliant economy, where there is a need to ensure corporate compliancy to remain competitive and survive. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into act on 26th May 2018. Failure to comprehend and action the requirements within this regulation will lead to extensive penalties and fines. To keep satisfied loyal customers and shareholders, as well as ensuring your business remains sustainable there needs to be an understanding as how to effectively manage the requirements of GDPR. Ignorance is no longer bliss, now is the time to become aware of GDPR and the actions you need to take to be ready.

Roc GDPR - Why Its More than a Regulation

GDPR has been described by some as being the most significant regulatory framework to hit companies since the Sarbanes Oxley act. With a stated objective to “give citizens back control of their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for business” it will impact every single European individual who has shared their personal data with an organisation and every single organisation that holds information on any European individual.

RocSolid ERP Process Foundation

To achieve process transformation excellence organisations need a solid foundation of process methodology, change management, analytical insight and a lifecycle of improvement. The traditional and ordinary approaches to process transformation are typically the root cause of project failure and very often leaving the users (employees, customers, partners and suppliers) left with difficult to understand and follow process documentation leading to non-compliance, risk, poor customer service, long lead times and poor stakeholder engagement.

Roc Transformation ERP Whitepaper

This Whitepaper discusses the desperate need for a new approach when it comes to ERP implementations. Whether as part of a Shared Services Organization, Finance Process Transformation or even a system swap, surely, everyone has become sick and tired of failure after failure and can no longer accept the ‘ordinary’ approach that has for years only delivered delay and financial overrun.