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Roc wins Most Innovative Tech Company award at Southern Tech 100 Awards

Press Release
March 14, 2017 12:50

Roc is proud to announce that it won the award for Most Innovative Tech Company at The Business Magazine’s annual Southern Tech 100 Awards on Thursday.

Roc gained the award in front of a host of entrepreneurs and businesses from the technology world during a prestigious dinner and award ceremony at Oakley Hall in Basingstoke.

Daniel Henwood, director at Moore Stephens, presented the award to Director of Technology, Jeremy Humphrey, stating that, “[Roc] managed to almost double its turnover to £15 million in 2016, having developed a culture of continuously challenging the norm. It was able to demonstrate numerous examples of innovation, both externally for its clients, and internally for its own processes.”

Speaking of receiving the award, Jeremy Humphrey says, “We are immensely proud to receive this award. Roc is committed to positive business transformation. We have always believed that, if businesses are to cope with the fast pace of change, the way we look at, and change, business processes must be consistently innovative. We also believe such innovation begins ‘at home’.”

“As Daniel Henwood stated, Roc actively encourages a culture of challenging the norm. Such a culture creates the kind of unique approaches that have led to successes like doubling our turnover in a year and being the proud recipients of this prestigious Southern Tech 100 Most Innovative tech Company Award.”


About Roc Technologies Limited:

Roc provides services and solutions that help leaders to succeed. Our customers work with us to transform their business processes, project delivery and technology.
We work with enterprise customers, the public sector and via partners delivering managed services, advice, implementations and solutions. From process mapping and project advice to networks and data centre, Roc helps you deliver on your objectives.

About The Southern Tech 100 companies

The top 100 private technology companies in the south increased turnover overall by half a billion pounds in the past year - the latest Southern Tech 100 listing, compiled by The Business Magazine, shows overall sales up from just under £5.3 billion to £5.8b.
Together, the Southern Tech 100 companies employ nearly 19,000 people.


For more information, contact Nigel Kilpatrick on Landline: 0845 647 6000; Mobile 0777 848 409: nigel.kilpatrick@roctechnologies.com