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Roc sponsors Global Process Owner Summit 2016 and hosts thought leadership workshop

Press Release
October 7, 2016 11:00

On Friday 23rd September, Roc Director Nigel Kilpatrick hosted a roundtable exercise on The GPO and its impact on customer experience at the Global Process Owner (GPO) Summit 2016 in London.

Roc also proudly sponsored the event, in which Kilpatrick led the discussions, explaining Roc’s new business transformation model, ‘The new science of business transformation’.

Sharedserviceslink, the community for leaders in shared services, estimates that globally, there are now circa 4,000 enterprises with established GPO frameworks in place. There were around 1,000 in 2013. This staggering growth is a measure of the importance of the role of GPOs.

As individuals who own and develop end-to-end processes in line with global operating models, GPOs are also responsible for the concurrent evolution of the process model.

Nigel Kilpatrick commented, “I was thrilled, on behalf of Roc, to discuss important issues around customers’ points of view with GPOs. Some of those leaders came from very large global businesses like GlaxoSmithKine, Tesco, Vodafone and AstraZeneca.”

GPOs are being asked to deal with a host of related challenges and issues. They are:

While GPOs have been generally successful in bringing about gains in process efficiency and effectiveness, there is an opportunity for them to add enterprise-wide value. Companies are pushing to manage global business services as a single organization and are leaning towards a service delivery model that has fewer global locations rather than more regional ones.

In coming years, GPOs will have the opportunity to play an important role in enhancing how global business services organisations partner with the overall business.

Nigel Kilpatrick says, “Roc’s Consultants are experts in helping customers navigate their transformation journey, helping to create a process enabled organisation.”

“Our team members are globally recognised as leaders in their field, having worked on some of the most complex and challenging process transformation projects in the world.”

“It is this pedigree that placed Roc at the heart of such an important leadership workshop at the GPO Summit. We saw it as an excellent opportunity for leaders to come together to exchange views and ideas on how to tackle the global growth of the GPO and its effect on customer experience.”

“It was immensely satisfying to talk about Roc’s new business transformational model to leaders of such calibre. From their perspective, the workshop clearly proved very useful because feedback has been excellent.”

For more information, contact Mike Hockey on Landline: 01635 581188; Mobile 07976 849680; email: mike.hockey@roctechnologies.com

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