This month the CEO and founding director of Roc Technologies, Matt Franklin was interviewed by BDO PLUGD:IN segment. The interview discusses Matt remarkable trajectory to Roc Technologies, the company’s impressive success and the key to managing setbacks in the development of a successful tech business. The interview also investigates what makes Roc Technologies one of the UK’s fastest growing transformation service provider.

Matt comments in the interview that ‘with digital transformation, you need to really understand the business processes you want to transform, and then optimise them and ultimately automate them to drive change. We call the pillars of our approach our “P3 Architecture”.

This focus on business process has transformed Roc into one of the UK’s fastest growing transformation provider with the P3 architecture at the core of the business.

Another aspect that was prominent throughout the interview was the focus that Roc Technologies have on being customer-centric ensuring that the brand and integrity is preserved.

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