Higher Education – Higher Expectations

Modern Universities are a bustling vibrant campus of inquiring challenging and energetic minds.  A cohesive community of students, academics, faculty and researchers, seeking out educational excellence, inspiring each other with ideas, finding answers to some of the world’s most profound problems, and of course bringing economic and social benefits to their host town or city.

A University is a unique combination of campus, community, and a connected set of individuals that creates an experience found rarely in other type of institution or organisation on the planet.

  • Some have ancient heritage, many are as new and fresh as a daisy.
  • Some are rich and prosperous, many are challenged with financial pressures.
  • Some sprawl across cities inhabiting historic buildings, many are modern campuses as open plan as the open ideas that flourish within them.
  • All are vying for the best students, academics and research partnerships.
  • All recognise the importance of delivering world-class student experiences.
  • All know that technology is becoming a crucial part of every aspect of their mission.
  • None are resting on their laurels and all are investing and transforming what they do and how they do it to keep pace with the global higher education marketplace.

Vice Chancellor need to keep pace with the demand of students, create new innovative research partnerships, reduce the cost burden or running a FTSE100 sized organisation,

At Roc, our Higher Education Future Campus Framework enables Universities to adapt confidentially in a changing world.

Mastering Change

Vice Chancellors are faced with some of the significant changes in the Higher Education’s long history.  Changing and challenged financing models, changing student demands, increased competition for research partners and funding. This dynamic is driving investment in next generation communications networks, re-imagining the student journey, investing in new campus buildings and teaching spaces.

Roc’s industry best practice programme and change management framework ATLAS can ensure the VC’s vision can be delivered confidentially – whatever the outcomes, timescales, cost goals driving that change.

New Experiences & Financial Efficiencies – The Process Empowered University

Technology is providing a range of new platforms to enable students to connect to digital services across the modern campus.  but, technology doesn’t define a student journey it supports it.  Roc is helping some of the UK’s leading Universities to use process empowerment to re-imagine and re-map the student journey and re-configure back office administration.

The result; improved student journey and experiences, improved student satisfaction, retention rates, lower cost of back office administration, joined up organisations and systems, and the confidence to transform new educational models driven by digitisation.

Secure Research Cloud

As Universities strive to form new partnerships with commercial research partners, access to agile, scalable and secure cloud services becomes a critical part of the partnership offer.  Access to the Public Cloud offers one option, but Roc has partnered with UKCloud to bring IaaS, PaaS and Sovereign Microsoft Azure services to the sector, and assure research partners their data is located in one of the UK’s most secure cloud platforms and operated by Roc’s SC cleared cloud operations teams.

Go Wireless First with Roc and HPE Aruba

Roc is proud to partner with HPE Aruba to bring the most secure, flexible, scalable and intelligent wired and wireless services to UK Higher Education.  Creating a Wireless First approach to campus connectivity matches student expectation of accessing digital services but never physically connecting to a network.  And that new-found freedom to roam comes with the highest levels of access security and networking provisioning through HPE Aruba ClearPass and levels of intelligence and insights into campus utilisation, device location, flows and movements of people and things through HPE Meridian.  Find out more about HPE Aruba Wireless First strategy…