Retail is one of the most dynamic and fast-moving sectors on the planet.

Founded in 1994, Amazon became only the second company in the world’s history to be valued at $1trillion (yes that’s Amazon Hits $1,000,000,000,000) on 4th September 2018.  That’s only a few months behind Apple, who in the development and dominance of the smartphone and online music markets have fuelled the shift from high-street to online consumerism.

Amazon and Apple have between them created a shift that has redefined the very meaning of what it is to be a retailer. Leveraging changes in consumer demographics and behaviour, disruptions in technology from mobility to the cloud, and of course harnessing the power of data, analytics, machine learning and AI to be one step ahead of consumer demand and one click away from creating new consumer purchasing opportunities.

But traditional retailers and shopping real-estate providers are fighting back against the online onslaught – creating new online offers, modernising and transforming the in-store experience, cutting costs through business process transformation and automation, and adopting many of the tools and techniques of their online competitors.  Retail is a battle ground that only the fittest can survive in and accelerating performance whatever your retail offer is now a critical business priority.

HPE Aruba – The Digital Retail Experience

Tibco – A New Millenial Retail Experience

At Roc we help retailers accelerate performance by helping them modernise all aspects of their organisations; from the experiences of consumers in-store or online, to the back office processes that connect supply chains, distribution, finance, HR or customer big data analysis. Our recent projects include.

  • Mastering major programmes of change and change management projects
  • Improve transform or reimagine business models and processes
  • Automate back office processes to drive down cost or create seamless customer engagement
  • Develop new customer insights through BI, Big Data, Machine Learning and AI
  • Harness the power of new digital in-store mobile customer experiences
  • Deliver Wi-Fi and Digital Signage store experiences
  • Enable field service mobility for
  • Modernise applications and data into cloud services
  • Consolidate store wide area networks – reducing cost and delivering new services
  • Operate IT more efficiently through Managed Services

Our team of programme, process and digital platform specialists have wide experience in Retail organisations both in the UK and Internationally and our partnerships with HPE Aruba, Tibco, Microsoft and UK Cloud enable us to bring the latest in retail experience and operational technology.

Roc Retail Event

When: Thursday 20th September
Where: Tibco Software, 110 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 4AY
Time: 2pm



Roc Retail Event

The global financial crisis from 2008 forced banks to transform the customer experience from in-branch to online self-service. 10 years later, high-street retailers are going through a similar disruption. However, the digital space has already been grabbed by retailers who enticed consumers online as a first choice.
Join the High Street Déjà Vu seminar to find out how high-street retailers can beat the online competition they are facing today. Below you will find the topics you can expect from Roc and our partners, followed by a networking reception:

• Why in the Digital Age brands and retailers are more disconnected from their customers than at anytime in retail history?
• The new connected in-store experience.
• Transforming Retail IT through Data and Systems Integration.
• Mapping and Transforming the Digital Customer Journey.
• Scalable Personal Service with Digital Workers.

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