Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical

If any sector could be said to be at the coal face of change, Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical companies would likely be front runners in facing up to a changing future.  Challenged by regulation, globalisation, scientific exploration, digital innovation, big data, and sitting at the very edge of machine learning and AI innovation, the organisations in this sector are continually having to address some of the biggest changes in the most demanding environment.

Roc has been working with Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical global leaders for over a decade, engaged with customers the UK, Europe and the US. Through our capabilities in programme, process and digital platforms, help the sector maintain its position of trust whilst modernising its business and operating models in a changing digital world.

How Roc helps the sector:

  • Manage major change programmes
  • Maintain regulatory compliance
  • Transform supply chains
  • Manage new product development
  • Maintain product quality and traceability
  • Monitor and measure organisation wide KPIs
  • Deliver major ERP systems implementations

Process Automation

The back-office functions of life sciences and pharmaceutical companies can be significant and spread over many countries and time zones.  Reducing the overheads of back-office functions, from staff on-boarding to supply chain ordering and invoicing to field trial management, process automation brings significant reductions in operational complexity and cost.

Roc process automation framework starts with assessing the cost of manual activities, building a business case for automation, and then implementing the latest tools against specific processes or much wider and deeper organisation wide performance acceleration.

Process Empowerment

World-class process is a fundamental discipline in every life sciences and pharmaceutical company. Our specialists sector process teams work with and within some of the world’s leading companies, providing expert process support from discovery, mapping, improvement, enablement, acceleration and automation.

Roc process consultants working with the Roc process empowerment framework have undertaken hundreds of workshops, mapped thousands of processes, and tens of thousands of tasks that enable companies within the sector to maintain compliance, safety, quality, and efficiency across back office functions.  Through our dedicated or cloud hosted process empowerment platform we create a single process architecture that maintains end-to-end alignment business alignment.