By Ben Towers

It’s Monday morning, you’re in the office at 8.00am and the weekend seems a long time ago! You’re already under pressure because of a critical support issue and have projects running off the rails…..and you have you have to juggle the day job with recruiting new permanent and contract members of staff.
It feels like there aren’t going to be enough hours in the day…. Is there a light at the end of a very long tunnel?

Recruitment process outsourcing is still new for a lot of companies. Some may not realise that there are options in how to outsource or to improve their recruiting process, while others may stick with other solutions because that’s the way it’s always done and that’s the way the boss likes to do things. However, if you’re serious about streamlining your Recruitment activities, then an RPO arrangement should be considered.

A lot of people (including me a number of years ago!) are put off by the word ‘Outsource’ thinking that it represents a ‘lack of control’ or in some cases ‘taking skills out of the organisation’ – but in reality this couldn’t be further from the truth. An outsource Recruitment or Resourcing arrangement can provide many benefits to an organisation; including scalability, enhanced employer branding, increased candidate quality (and probably important to most) a way of significantly reducing recruitment costs.

I remember a few years ago I was in quandary whether to purchase a new vehicle or looking at leasing options. People told me that leasing a vehicle was a viable option and it wasn’t always imperative (or worthwhile) owning a product (or service) just because ‘it was the way things had always been done. In this case I did go down the leasing route and was pleased I did – and in many ways this example is similar to outsourcing. In this instance I could upgrade or downgrade the vehicle with a lot more ease, every element of running the car was covered within the agreement, leaving my time better spent – and ultimately in the long run I saved money (through the saving of my asset depreciating).

So, in short; why not consider outsourcing some/or all of your resourcing requirements? This may provide numerous cost reductions, introduce higher quality candidates, better brand awareness, and for the sanity of your department – Let your hiring staff concentrate on their core roles and responsibilities!